The Iraqi scientific research index has risen to more than seventy thousand in Scopus

Realizing the importance of scientific research and its quality required by global publishing in solid indexes, Iraqi universities and colleges achieved increasing publication in Scopus index during a whole year by 30%, bringing the number of published research papers to seventy thousand two hundred and twenty-five research papers.

This achievement was formulated by the public universities that supported the scientific research movement with sixty-seven thousand two hundred and sixty-eight scientific papers and private universities and colleges contributed two thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven papers. .
While we congratulate our governmental and private educational institutions for this qualitative path, the Ministry of Higher Education affirms to go ahead and work continuously according to a planned program and calculated timings to advance scientific research in terms of quantity and quality, and develop quality indicators and provide the requirements for competition in international rankings..

Department of Relations and Media
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
May 8, 2021

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