The Dean of the College of Law at the University of Al-Qadisiyah participates in the dialogue session on the legislation of integration laws between institutions held in the Iraqi parliament

In order to achieve the university’s goals in community service and to implement the field role of studying law by building bridges of communication between the academic institution and the rest of the relevant state institutions, the Dean of the College of Law, Prof. Dr. Nidham Jabbar Taleb, participated in the dialogue session on the integratory role between scientific institutions and technical institutions specialized in legislation in the Iraqi parliamentarians at Al-Shabibi Hall, accompanied by a group of deans of law faculties in Iraq, in partnership with a number of officials in the Parliamentary Legislation Department.

The meeting resulted in an agreement on a roadmap for joint work between the faculties of law, represented by the Deans’ Committee and the Parliamentary Legislation Department, which is responsible for organizing the integration mechanism through conferences, consultations, training, mutual visits, and hosting graduate students and researchers in the Parliament to exchange information and experiences between the two parties, as well as holding workshops and seminars periodically.

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