Treatment of follicular cystic ovaries in dairy cattle

  • A. F. Majeed, Q.M. Aboud, M.S. Hassan, and A.R Muhammad Coll. of Vet. Med. / Univ. of AL-Anbar


The study was conducted on 48 Friesian-Holstein. cows suffering from follicular cystic ovaries, presented in Alfayha station Babylon governorate, the age of the animals ranged from 5-7 years and the number of calving ranged from 3-5 times. Rectal palpation was the criteria of diagnosis. The animals were divided randomly into four equal groups (each group contains 12 cows) The first group treated with HCG (3000 I.U. I.M)., The second group were
treated with 0.5 mg GnRH I.M. The third group was treated with GnRH (0.5 M.G I.M) plus 20 mg PGF2α I.M. The fourth group received placebo treatment (5 c.c Distil water ) serve as the control group. All cows were subjected to rectal palpation 14 days after injection of the therapy to know the effect of different treatments. The results showed that the third group (GnRH+PGF2α) gave the best results (91.6%) followed by treatment with GnRH alone
(75%) or treatment with HCG (50%). It was concluded from this study that GnRH plus PGF2α can be used treatment of follicular cystic ovaries with high success rate.