The Role of Aloe vera against the toxic effect of cadmium in mice

  • H.A.A. Al-Amer, and SA. K. Mohammed Coll. of Vet. Med. / Univ. of Al-Qadisiyah


In this study oral supplementation of aloe Vera (1%). w/v in drink water during cd
exposure (0.1 mg/kg,intraperitonelly once daily for one month) was investigated in mice for its
effective value .animals exposed to cd showed a marginal decrease in glutathione (GSH) and
increase white blood corpuscular (WBC) level ,while most of the other clinical blood parameters
like red blood cell count (RBCs),hemoglobin,MCV,MCH,MCHC, recorder significant decrease
at (P <%5) in cadmium exposure due to the cadmium after binding to RBC membrane stimulate
the ROS and causes the oxidative.Damage to RBC membrane ratio& platelet number, resulting in
decrease in hemoglobin.Hepatic reduced GSH,while the activity of alkaline phosphate
(ALP),aspartate amino transfers (AST),alanine amino transfers (ALT)& with super oxide
dismutase (SOD) activity increase significantly in cadmium exposure due to leakage of enzyme
from cytosol of liver that might have entered into blood stream.Concomitant administration of
aloe Vera had no protective action against the effect cadmium due to most of biochemical
parameters remained un changed with aloe Vera supplementation, so that most of hepatic
biochemical variables indicative of oxidative stress show protective no effect of aloe Vera on
blood &liver cadmium concentration was noted due to the toxic effect of cadmium by risk
complexes formation in the body.