Detection of parasitic infections and their pathological changes in wild pigeons in Duhok province

  • Lokman Tieb Omer, et al. Coll. of Vet. Med. / Univ. of Duhok,


The study aimed to detect the external and internal parasites and its association with intestinal pathological changes in wild pigeons at Sumel region-Duhok Governorate. Samples of skin (plumage), intestinal contents, and intestinal tissue were taken from 100 adult pigeons from March to August 2012 for detection of parasites and for histopathological examination. Results were shown that 6 (6 %) pigeons feather samples were found positive for external parasites (Columbicola columbae), 22 (22%) of fecal samples were found positive for internal parasites (Raillietina tetragona), whereas no trematode and nematode was found. A total of 19 (19%) infected pigeons have appeared pathological changes in the intestine, which are manifested by mild catarrhal inflammation and excessive mucoid masses. In conclusion, we found that the wild pigeons infested with parasites, and acting as a reservoir and spreading of parasites to other avian populations including poultry.