BCG & tuberculin induced experimental lapin secondary cryoglobulinemia

  • Ibrahim M. Shnawa Department of Biology College of Science University of Babylon
  • Yazi Abdulla Jassim Department of Biology Coll.ege of Science University of Babylon


BCG and tuberculin were used as a possible immune stimulants for cryoresponses in a lapin model .Immunization and hyperimmunization protocols both for primary and secondary cryoimmune response were attempted .Cryocrit percentage ,protein nature through biurete reaction , ratio of cryoglobulin to total globulin of immune and hyper immune sera as well as reversible precipitable at 4c ,and solubility at 45c were identification criteria for cryoglobulin. Both BCG and tuberculin 0.05IU were found good stimulants for cryoresponse . The cryoglobulinemia was found associated and non associated with IgM anti IgGautoantibody (RF) in tuberculin case while, it was non RF associated in the case of BCG. BCG and tuberculin induce secondary mixed cryoglobulinemia of IgM-IgG-IgA type. The proposed classification was II-III class. This model stands as supportive model to the natural human mixed cryoglobulinemia associated with Pulmonary tuberculosis.